Why selecting LED as light for solar road lights?

In the past years, we have actually been utilizing high pressure salt lamps for road lighting. Over the last few years, as brand-new power sources have been utilized more and more, we have actually gradually changed high-pressure sodium lights with solar LED road lamps. LED light attributes of energy conserving and also environmental protection, it is more economical from a long-lasting point of view, however are these all the reasons that we pick LED lights to change high-pressure salt lights?

As a matter of fact, the LED light has even more advantages than the normal source of light in the real usage. In other words, it is not just extra energy-efficient, but also a lot more useful. Today, let me present a lot more benefits of LED source of light for you.

  1. Shade temperature level
    The high-pressure sodium light exhibits a yellow-white color and also a reduced color temperature, which leads to an inadequate solution in some streets where the high illumination is called for, and also if the installment distance between each is lowered, a specific expense will certainly be added. The LED light is white light, not only that, but its color temperature level can also be flexibly changed in between 4000K and 7000K, which indicates it can offer extra choices to actual demands.

  2. Shade rendering index
    The shade making index of LED lights is normally above 80, while the shade making index of high pressure salt lights is only around 20. It can be seen that the LED light is more detailed to all-natural light and also can bring far better illumination effects.

  3. Light beam angle
    The beam angle of high-pressure salt light is 360 °. For the most part, it is needed to mirror the light source via the reflector, and after that it is feasible to get to the assigned location to accomplish the illumination effect. In many cases, the beam angle of the LED source of light can be kept at the same angle as the illumination angle of the lamp. Simply put, a lot of the LED light source can directly light up to the designated area.

  4. Start-up time
    The high-pressure sodium light has a specific startup time, typically it takes around 5-10 minutes after power-on to work generally. If it is begun once more after extinction, it takes about 5 minutes. The LED light does not have this problem. It can function instantly after power on, and also it can be started any time without waiting. The solar LED road light can be run immediately after dark, which is easier and quicker.

It can be seen that in real usage, LED source of light has even more advantages than normal light source, which makes us more persuaded that the benefit of making use of solar street light than high-pressure sodium light. If you are planning to acquire solar LED street lights, please call us to get an instantaneous quote.

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